Local Area Power Center

LAPC-websiteNow, count on AMETEK Powervar for equipment centralization and cost savings, too.

Designed for the space limitations of today’s small business, the Powervar Local Area Power Center (LAPC) frees up valuable counter space . . . helps you make your Point-of-Sale more efficient, more profitable.

Until now, ensuring high-quality, uninterruptible power has meant you needed to pair up an individual UPS with each of your computers or peripherals. That meant valuable counter space was sacrificed to bulky UPS equipment. Not anymore.

Now we have integrated a low impedance isolation transformer with a single power interface panel. Together, they make up the Powervar Local Area Power Center.


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The Powervar LAPC is configured for retail-type environments of approximately 2,500 square feet, with maximum 50-foot cabling runs from LAPC to terminals, such as:

• Fastfood outlets
• Autoparts stores
• Drycleaning outlets
• Pharmacies
• And More


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