Next Generation N6-Series



Communication Line Protection

AMETEK Powervar’s Next Generation N6-2 Communication Line Protector (CLP) offers a leading-edge technology which provides a patented “Transient Blocking” and switch grade fail short device combination.

The N6-2 Series protects circuits by rapidly switching to a blocked state. This technology balanced with over voltage, fast resettable sneak current protection and low surge let through provides the best level of protection for high speed communications lines and equipment. 


Use with standard analog or digital telephone sets or lines, POTS, Trunks, ADSL and OPX cables. 


Direct connect (plug into) existing 66 series M1 type connection block. Requires separate ground bar for earth connection for up to 25 protection modules for each connection block. Each module contains protection circuit for one 2-wire communications circuit.

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