Next Generation NR-Series



Next Generation NR-Series

Some face persistent system problems, despite their use of conventional communication line protectors. Others face performance expectations that allow zero tolerance for downtime. The Next Generation NR -Series communication line protectors are specifically engineered to satisfy these demanding voice and data applications, whether for analog, digital or ISDN service.

Next Generation NR-Series communication line protectors with patented Frequency Selective Transient Voltage (FSTV) technology, prevent high frequency fast rise time transients from entering your system, yet allow lower frequency ring voltages and other desired signals to pass through unobstructed.  

  • For RJ-type modular connections
  • Analog
  • Digital: ISDN & T1

Powervar Standard Power Conditioners incorporate a low impedance isolation transformer, as well as a surge diverter and power line filter to eliminate noise, spikes and transients before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your equipment.

You can trust these power conditioners to protect your sensitive equipment from the biggest problem computers face; common-mode voltage.

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