Our Product Solutions

Businesses operate efficiently and profitably due to the large investment made in sophisticated computer technology.

Yet everyday in business throughout the world, power quality problems prevent these systems from operating as they were designed to perform. Power quality problems are the direct result of the generation, distribution, and use of electrical power.

This means power quality problems can occur at any point in the power delivery path from the utility company to your system.

Power quality disturbances have a plethora of names – impulses, noise, sags, surges, brownouts, and outages to name a few. Believe it or not, computer power supplies are so numerous, they have begun to create power problems of their own – power factor problems and unwanted harmonic currents. Networked systems provide opportunities for the formation of “ground loops” which offer another way for power problems to reduce productivity and performance.

The bad news is there is no single device with the ability to protect electronic systems from the myriad of power quality problems which exist today. However, the good news is there is AMETEK Powervar.  Powervar takes the mystery out of protecting your mission critical system. It requires specialized knowledge and experience to look at all the requirements of a power protection application and recommend the precise devices. That is why we came into existence. Powervar professionals know electrical power and how to make it work for you. Our products are real solutions which offer value for the technology your business depends on for its survival.

All AMETEK Powervar products are built around a philosophy called The ABC’s of Power Conditioning. Each of our products incorporates the function of a low impedance isolation transformer, a power line noise filter, and a high energy surge diverter. These three elements are the core of Powervar’s power quality solutions. When applications require uninterruptible power, voltage regulation, harmonic mitigation or other protection necessities, we offer solutions based on The ABC’s of Power Conditioning to meet all of your system’s protection requirements.